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Original Still Image

Watch this Photo brought to life. Read the PicDrift breakdown below to see how it was made.

Photo Credit: JL Lacar / Unsplash

Instagram: @jl_lacar

Unsplash is the best source for copyright free photos like this one. Combine it with PicDrift for a powerful tool! You can now get a no cost Unsplash/PicDrift demo clip to use for whatever you wish here.

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PicDrift Artist Breakdown:

This Unsplash image was a great photo and fun project to work on. It was pretty easy to cut everything out in Photoshop, since there wasn't anything too difficult to select. The main work was done in After Effects. 

Since there were only 3 layers to work with (the sky, the airplane and two guys falling), I had to animate them in such a way to create as much parallax as possible. So, I animated the airplane's position as well as the position and rotation of the two people and their arms to create additional motion. Rotation of the propellers was added with motion blur to make the airplane flying even more believable. 

As a final touch, I added some air particles in 3D space to accentuate the motion of the camera and a lens flare acting as the sun.

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I liked your blog thanks for sharing this

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