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Magic Movement with PicDrift

Watch this still photo brought to life. Read the PicDrift breakdown below to see how it was made.

Photo Credit: Rodney Reyes

Instagram: rodneyreyeslive

PicDrift artist breakdown:

1. I think what I did special is the movement of the hand and the card. I think it contributes to the animation especially the slight rotation of the hand and the card. And the card not just in z-axes but also in x, giving the feeling of a real 3D scene.

2. The main challenge was to separate the front of the hand holding cards with the rest of his hand and body. While in real life they're connected, here I had to separate them to make the hand holding cards closer to the camera than the rest of his body.

Also, I had to recreate a part of his face and carefully control the movement of the card not to reveal his whole face and make it obvious it's not really his;-) The camera move also plays the important part in completing this challenge.

3. I added the sun flare and light dust particles for more feeling of atmosphere and motion and blurred the back even more to accent the importance of the main subject being the hand and the card in the air.

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