Tiger Fight

Watch this Photo brought to life. Read the PicDrift breakdown below to see how it was made.

Photo Credit: Frida Bredesen / Unsplash https://unsplash.com/@fridooh

Instagram: @fridooh

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PicDrift Artist Breakdown:

This is a beautiful photograph with the two tigers dominating the composition. I didn't think I would have much work in Photoshop, but the wet tiger fur and nose hair, along with the water splashes and the grass in front, gave me a run for my money. With a couple of different selection methods, I've managed to cut out everything I wanted. Filling out the holes with the clone tool, and content aware fill was pretty easy, since the background was just water and blurry trees.

Next it was time to create a 3D scene in After Effects. This is a very powerful program that has the option of turning any layer into 3D, effectively giving them the ability to move along the third Z-axes, creating depth. Depending on the composition of the photo and the number of layers, there could be many different positions along the Z-axes, in this case five: the grass in front; the tiger on the left; the tiger on the right with the grass in the middle; the water and the trees in the back.

Animating the virtual camera consists of experimenting with different camera moves to create the best parallax effect possible. In this case, a slow zoom out and moving to the right did the job.

To accent the motion even more I added some water drops in the air using a 3D particle plug-in, and some movement in the water with the Turbulent Displace effect, which made the animation complete.

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